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Take your startup from launch to fundraise-ready in an hour!


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Upload a pitch deck and answer a few questions about your team, the problem you're solving, and how you make money


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Use your startup profile page to communicate with current and future investors

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Launch Pad

Customize your startup's online presence to meet your specific use-case

Premium Services

Launch Pro


Enhance your launch page with additional features and investor relation services

  • Investment Landing Page

  • Investor Narrative Page

  • Investor Tracking

  • Investor Q&A

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Launch Plan

We help Georgian entrepreneurs establish and fund U.S.-based technology companies

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Launch Plan

Is Cartooli Capital for You?

This plan is right for your company if you:

  • Want to base your business in the U.S.

  • Have aspirations for international growth

  • Plan to target English-speaking customers

  • Have not already sold more than 25% of your company

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Including your startup in this database will help you:

  • Be discovered by international investors

  • Prepare for an international fundraise

  • Share content about your startup

  • Find technical founders

  • Showcase open jobs

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